What is carbon fiber?

“Carbon fiber”. Which two words can cause a true maker to have wetter dreams then “Carbon fiber”? Its tougher than steel yet supple and looks gorgeous! But what is it exactly? In this clip we get a rare close-up of what the fibers really look like under the microscope. So just lean back, relax, and take a trip into the inner workings of the great, the only, carbon fiber!

How to weather surfaces like a pro

Sometimes an old scuffed up object can be just as pretty or even more so then when it was brand new. But who wants to wait several decades to get the surface to be naturally weathered? In this tutorial, Adam Savage from Mythbusters shows us and Will from Tested.com some of the techniques he uses to weather things, like this microscope case he has built. By using water, paint, sandpaper, mallets, bicycle chains and much more, he slowly tear down the surface of his case and ends up with a beautifully weathered look.