Turning garlic into foam?

Do you love the taste of garlic, but have tired of the texture and look of the cloves? Or perhaps you simply want to do something special to wow your guests? Then you should give garlic foam a chance! As MOLECULE-R Flavors show in this video, it is very simple, and can definitely make a difference in your food presentation! So just try it out and your dinner will be the talk of the town!

The science of ice cream

In this video from Yale University’s YouTube series “Science Xplained“, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez explains how freezing works, and how to make the best ice cream by using liquid nitrogen. If you don’t have access to liquid nitrogen, she also talks about how you can use a mixture of salt and ice to cool down the ice cream mixture to lower temperatures. We also learn why ice cream doesn’t taste as good if it has melted and then been frozen again, and why avalanches happens.