14 great photography tricks!

Okay, you are done. You have worked your butt off for several weeks, maybe even months, but your project is finally complete, and it is AWESOME! You wish to show it to the world and what better way than to take pictures or record a video about it? But why not add some really cool camera tricks to the view, some eye candy if you will? You can make gorgeous looking pictures/videos with very simple tools and materials. COOPH has made these extremely awesome tutorials that can help anyone to make super cool recording effects! And if the only camera you have is in a mobile phone, you can still make some great pictures, as demonstrated in their video below. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make some eye candy. Your viewers will enjoy your project even more!

3D scanning in real-time on a mobile phone!

For some projects, you may need to translate a real object into a 3D computer model so it can be printed, 3D printed or even laser cut. But how do you do it without spending huge amount of money on gear? You can use Autodesks free service “123D Catch“, but that takes time and it’s not suited for secret projects (since it sends all pictures via email). But Ivan Dryanovski and Matt Klingensmith have started “Project Tango”, a software development which could give you the freedom of scanning anything in real-time on your mobile phone! This video shows the current progress of this project, and even though it’s not perfect, it is extremely impressive. We have no doubt that this will be the number one mobile phone app in a near future!

How electronics know up from down

All modern mobile phones today have a part in them called “accelerometer” that can tell up from down and even how the phone is moved in 3D space. Several makers across the world have also found new uses for these parts such as in robotic hands, quadcopters and even musical instruments. But how does accelerometers work? The engineerguy has the answer, and its all in this video. Not only does he explain how it works, but also how it is made at microscopic scale. Anyone interested in electronics, robotics or even general physics should definitely watch this video!

The simplest bot in the world!

This is one of our favorite “Think outside the box” inventions! Who could dream that a toothbrush could be used as a propulsion device? Well the family behind the Evil Mad Scientist did! All you need is a toothbrush with slanted bristles, a button cell, foam tape and a vibrator motor from a pager och mobile phone. Add some tiny wires and some solder and you have the worlds simplest bot! What we find most fascinating about this bot is not that it moves around, but that it actually jumps at a forward angle. But since the jumps are so small and quick, your eye doesn’t see it.

This invention was so brilliant that even The Royal Society took notice and started their own investigation of this type of propulsion. You can find their scientific videos here. So if you were ever intimidated by the complexity of robotics, you should definitely watch this video and realize that is doesn’t need to be that hard. Just think, what cool new stuff could you make with this technique?