Origami folding fundamentals

From happypuppytruffles comes this excellent beginners tutorial on how to get good creases and folds in origami projects. This may seem like a silly thing to teach, but in order for the finished origami piece to look good and work as planned, good creases and folds are a must. This is not as easy as it might seem and certain tricks and techniques are really useful, especially for beginners. So if you are at all interested in origami and paper craft, you should definitely watch this video.

Simple but beautiful spray painting techniques

What seems like an ugly mess of paint soon takes the shape of a gorgeous alien sky and city skyline when these street artist in New York rapidly paints posters for passer by’s. The result is so amazing, it is hard to believe it was made by simple objects such as spray paint, lids, newspaper, a couple of paint scrapers and flicking paints with fingertips. And in just under 6 minutes to boot! While these guys are clearly experienced professionals, their techniques are still so simple that anyone could start using them right away. Wow!