The simplest bread in the world!

In today’s society, where we are spoiled with things like pre-sliced bread, it’s easy to forget how bread was made in the really old times. A thousand years back, people still ate bread, but it was nothing like our modern kind. It was made from only wheat and water, and cooked on a hot rock. But it still tasted pretty darn good! If you want to know what our distant ancestors made and tasted, then you should really watch this video from Food Wishes. In this tutorial you will learn how to make the most basic of bread, made of only wheat and water! Ooh yeah, he also add some corn meal to it, but that isn’t necessary….

Ten ways of putting taste in that steak!

Did you use to love steaks but have started to find them “ordinary”? Or perhaps you love steaks but have never gotten the hang of seasoning them? Well look no further, because foodbeastTV have made this fast paced list of ten great ways to season your steak! So put that taste in your steak, put that spice into your life and make that meat taste ooh so sweet! And if you find this tutorial to be a bit to fast paced, remember that you can always watch YouTube videos in slow motion! To see how, just watch Slowing down those tutorials. Also, check the tags below for a list of all the spices mentioned in this video 😉

How to make REAL grilled cheese sandwiches

Alton Brown does not like the usual grilled cheese sandwiches. The bread is grilled, sure, but not the cheese! Here he kindly teaches us the TRUE meaning of the words “Grilled Cheese Sandwich”. Now listen carefully, he will not tell you again!

How to make your own sausages

Chef, butcher, and charcutier Eric Finley from demonstrates how to make 3 different types of homemade sausages: Italian Chicken; Merguez Lamb; and Chorizo. We get to see how to grind the meat twice, mix in the spices the right way, and why poking small holes in the sausage casings are the key difference between store-bought sausage, and really great sausage. If you would like the exact recipes, you can find them here.