How to do single stroke casual lettering

Master pinstriper Glen Weisgerber is back with yet another great pinstripe lettering tutorial. This time it is the single stroke casual font that is the object of study, but he also reveals an old tried and true technique using what is called a “Mahl stick”. Just watch this video from Airbrush Action Magazine and start making those snappy looking texts!

How to engrave with a Dremel

Engraving a surface can be a beautiful alternative to painting. The result is more subtle and wont disappear by wear and tear as easily as paint will. Also, almost every surface can be engraved such as wood, plastics, glass and even textiles! There are many different tools you can use in order to engrave and in this video from Make: the Dremel tool is covered. If you don’t have a Dremel but something similar, don’t worry, it will probably work just as well.

Cheap and useful styrofoam

We all know styrofoam. It’s that white light-weight material that protects your goods while it is shipped. It may come as chips, molded pieces or even raw blocks and sheets. It’s used as insulation, shock absorber, modelling material and much more. But most of all, it is cheap! You can buy big blocks of it for a few dollars or find big pieces in your nearest dumpster for free! This is probably why most people see it as trash and not a building material. Well Make: magazine is here to show you how useful it can be! In this particular tutorial they make Halloween tombstone props but if you watch the video, you should easily see how these techniques can be used to make almost any form out of cheap and feather light styrofoam! And by the way, you don’t need special tools like soldering iron or a hot wire foam cutter. Tools like scissors, files, knifes and sandpaper can just as easily be used, although the surface might become a bit rougher. But since acetone (nail polish remover) can melt styrofoam, perhaps you can use a acetone damp paper towel to polish those surfaces? Now that would be a neat experiment!

Make parts with…a hot glue gun??

Did you think a hot glue gun was only for assembling objects together? Ooh my, what little you know. A hot glue gun can be used for so much more, like making a textured surface or even making parts! Basically, with a steady hand and some patience, you could even use a hot glue gun as a manual 3D printer! Sounds like bovine feces? Well if you don’t believe us, just watch this video from SonicDadDotCom and believe your eyes. In this particular tutorial, the texture and nails for a werewolf glove is made, but that is just the beginning. Just grab your trusty hot glue gun and start practicing. Before you know it you’ll be making gears, wheels, ornaments and much more!