Mistakes are valuable!

We really like this video, because it is so inspirational. In this lecture from Maker Faire 2014, Emiko Soroka walk us through her experience from knowing basically nothing about crafting, to making her own Portal turret robot and learning a lot from her mistakes. And no words we say can ever top her own youthful wisdom:

Emiko Soroka – “What i´m really trying to say is that everyone can be a maker. It´s ok if you don´t know what you are doing, because you can get help. It´s OK if you don´t have a proper workshop or fancy equipment, or a hackerspace down the street. It´s OK if you don´t have a college degree. You have the internet and somewhere out there is an expert, happy to share knowledge with you. So don´t say “I can´t”, say “I’ll try!” because chances are you´ll succeed!”

How to get started making things

Adam Savage from Mythbusters talks to Will and Norm from Tested.com about how beginners can get started making things easily and cheaply. If you are a beginner when it comes to making things, you should watch this podcast. It is a perfect motivator that will give you several tips on cheap materials that is easy to get and use, explain that you don’t need a lot of expensive tools, and point out that learning how to craft things is a journey and that it is okay to be bad at it in the beginning! Adam also talks with great deal of passion about how such a simple material as corrugated cardboard has taught him to be good at many other materials, and finally we get his best advice on how to get free materials through dumpster diving, garbage days and more. Definitely worth the watch!