Make your own circuit board!

Bread boards and perfboard are fine for prototyping and quick setup/testing, but nothing can beat the great look of a professionally designed printed circuit board. The process of making them can seem a bit daunting, but it’s not that difficult. In fact, you don’t even need any special CAD skills to make the pattern, you can use any painting program or even a permanent marker to create your pattern. Collin Cunningham at Make magazine took it upon himself to make this video to show just how easy it can be to make them. Follow these instructions, and you will end up with a circuit board so beautiful, you’ll consider using a transparent case for it, just to show off your copper art!

The versatility of decorative tape

While this video from TheSorryGirls isn’t a tutorial video strictly speaking, it still demonstrates the versatility of decorative tapes. In this video, the focus is on the japanese “Washi” tapes, but there are many other decorative tapes around, and they are truly the decorators best friend. It comes in so many colors and patterns, and can spruce up almost any object. And it doesn’t hurt that this (music) video by Danny Hamilton is very funny as well! This is strongly recommended viewing for all crafters!