Recycled plastic bag jelly fish

Do you, like most of us, have an ever-increasing pile of small transparent plastic bags? Too small and flimsy to be of practical use right? Wrong! Those bags can be used as an excellent DIY material! In this video from Barrett Sanders we get to see how easy it is to make cool jelly fishes out of them, but we bet you could find many other uses for those tiny bags if you just put your mind to it. What could you make?


An engine powered by…sound?

We all know that there are many ways you can power an engine. There’s gasoline powered, electric, steam and even solar-powered engines. But did you know that you could use sound to power an engine? Steven Dufresne at RimstarOrg knows exactly how it is done, and here he share his rare knowledge with us. Not only is the concept itself surprising, but the engine is also one of the simplest engine builds we have ever seen! What could you use this fascinating engine for?