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In this episode Ben explains the ins and outs of CNC milling using only a Shapeoko and a laptop. Areas of focus include an overview of the parts, creating design files, execution and other CNC tips.

An entire Arduino in one tiny chip

Any experienced Arduino user should watch this video. Imagine being able to reduce the size of your Arduino project to something that can fit inside the fingertip of a glove, matchbox, keyboard button, and many more small places! This particular solution comes from MIT Media Lab’s High-Low Tech Group, and the video tutorial is preformed by Matt Richardson, Contributing Editor at MAKE. This is miniaturization at it’s best, and it is so extremely cheap, just a couple of bucks each.

Introduction to Arduino and Galago microcontrollers

In this review, Will and Norm from demonstrates the benefits of using the microcontrollers “Arduino” and “Galago”. Arduino and Galago are small circuit boards with processors on them, designed to control other electronic parts such as sensors, motors, light, speakers and much more. Designed for amateurs, these microcontroller boards are very easy to learn and use. Even such simple gadgets as something with blinking lights can be built with these, and if you happen to be interested in robotics, microcontrollers like these are an absolute must!

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