What is Repoussé?

Have you ever noticed those amazing metal ornaments on hollywood movie armour? Where the metal has been formed into a 3D pattern, often with beautiful curves and patterns? This is what is called “repoussé”, and it’s much easier to make then you might think. With modern materials like rubber or craft foam, you can make your own repoussé art with extremely cheap and simple tools. Just watch this video from David Guyton, grab a thin sheet of brass and start making amazing art! In this tutorial an ornament is made for armour, but this technique can just as well be used to make ornaments for furniture, steam punk designs or even wall art!

Rubberlike conductive 3D printer filament!

At the 3D EXPO in Halmstad Sweden, I saw a fantastic new smart material for 3D printers and I just had to interview the inventor behind it, Thomas Palm. Unfortunately, the only camera I had with me was my mobile phone camera, so please excuse the poor image and sound quality. Still, it is an awesome new material that you simply have to see!

To learn more about 3D printing rubber, visit his site: http://rubber3dprinting.com/

If you wish to buy this filament, you can do so at the Creative Tools website: http://www.creativetools.se/Filament-en/filament-175_en/pi-etpu-95-250-carbon-black-1kg

To download all the 3D models and more, visit Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/Palmiga/designs/page:1

Thomas Palm’s company is called Palmiga Innovation and you can find the website here: http://www.palmiga.com

Follow him on Instagram and twitter:

Giving robots that soft touch

For a human, putting a USB cable into the USB port might seem like a simple task. Sure, you might have to try again by turning the cable 180 degrees, but in a short amount of time, you will succeed. But with a robot, it is not so simple. We humans have an eye-hand coordination that is the result of millions of year of evolution, and now we expect the very same dexterity of recently invented machinery? It is a tall order to fill, no doubt! But thanks to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) there is the beginning of such a sensitive mechanical dexterity, and it is all about Gel!


What is cryogenic manufacturing?

Have you ever wanted o make something out of rubber? Not just a smooth ball, but something complex? Sure, 3D printers can print soft objects today, but they are very limited. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take any rubber material and just mill or lathe it? Well…you can! You might have seen scientific demonstrations of how hard and brittle things can get when deeply frozen? Leave it up to our scientific favorite Applied Science to test it out and see how it might work. You might even be able to make your own specially designed rubber parts with nothing more then an mill and some dry ice!


Advanced character costumes

Norm from Tested.com interviews Frank Ippolito about his finally finished Zoidberg ( character from the cartoon series “Futurama”). In this video Frank takes us through the process of making a highly advanced full body costume with lifelike mask, hands, feet and animatronics. The project has taken him many months, which really shows in the excellent result. While this project is too advanced for beginners, it is still very interesting to see all the processes, materials, parts, painting and more that goes in to creating an advance special effects costume like this.

If you want to see how the mask was painted, please watch Airbrushing 101.