What is Repoussé?

Have you ever noticed those amazing metal ornaments on hollywood movie armour? Where the metal has been formed into a 3D pattern, often with beautiful curves and patterns? This is what is called “repoussé”, and it’s much easier to make then you might think. With modern materials like rubber or craft foam, you can make your own repoussé art with extremely cheap and simple tools. Just watch this video from David Guyton, grab a thin sheet of brass and start making amazing art! In this tutorial an ornament is made for armour, but this technique can just as well be used to make ornaments for furniture, steam punk designs or even wall art!

How to make bent wood objects

We have all seen wood objects with rounded shapes, that’s nothing new. But when the grain of the wood shows that this piece was not just sawed into shaped but bent into shape, it starts turning heads. Bending wood? Surely something as hard as wood can’t possibly be bent can it? Ooh yes it can, and it’s not that hard to do either! Steve Ramsey knows exactly how it’s done, and he made this video to demonstrate it. In this case he makes a holder for a razor, but you could make almost anything out of your bent wood like coat hangers, bracelets, decorations and even large things like furniture. So watch this and let your imagination run wild!

Joining pieces without glue or screws!

It’s only natural. Whenever we want to put two things together, we reach for the glue. And there’s nothing wrong about that! But wouldn’t it feel much sweeter and special if you could assemble an object, simply by pressing it into each other like Lego? Most material can do this, if they are shaped properly, and wood is exceptionally good at doing this. ThisWoodwork made this mirror by fitting pieces of wood together. Sure, he used glue for the ornament, but the main construct doesn’t need it. It just fit into each other like they were ment to be together! If the tolerances are good, you don’t need any glue. And if the tolerances are bad, chances are you can fix it with a file or a piece of masking tape!

So simple yet so extraordinary beautiful

Very similar to a video we collected earlier, this also shows how beautiful art can be made by simple means. Here, Brandon McConnell from Spacepainter show us how spray paint, some paper, a sponge, a palette knife and some sandpaper can be used to create a hauntingly beautiful nature scene worth much more than the tools and resources used to create it.

Reverse painted glass art

Follow along as Tiffany Windsor from Cool2Craft shares techniques for reverse painting on glass. With this technique you could spruce up your home with a painting that shows the wallpaper showing through, redesign your glass table or add that special decoration to your windows. Perhaps you could even use some translucent paint and simulate stained glass art? Only your fantasy sets the limit.