How to make bent wood objects

We have all seen wood objects with rounded shapes, that’s nothing new. But when the grain of the wood shows that this piece was not just sawed into shaped but bent into shape, it starts turning heads. Bending wood? Surely something as hard as wood can’t possibly be bent can it? Ooh yes it can, and it’s not that hard to do either! Steve Ramsey knows exactly how it’s done, and he made this video to demonstrate it. In this case he makes a holder for a razor, but you could make almost anything out of your bent wood like coat hangers, bracelets, decorations and even large things like furniture. So watch this and let your imagination run wild!

The right tool for screwing?

Are you using a drill as a screwdriver? Well you’re not alone, many of us tries to hit two birds with one stone by making one machine do as much as possible. But after you watch this video by Steve Ramsey, you may reconsider and choose to invest in an impact driver. We could explain the benefits, but Steve Ramsey sums them up so clearly that we would only look like hacks in comparison. Enjoy the demonstration!

Transparent wood?

Wood is a solid. Dense and opaque like steel right? WRONG! In this video from Rikki Berger you will get a whole new appreciation of the beauty of wood. Not only is it not opaque, it is gradiently transparent and the fibers of the wood turns into a natural form of art, when its thin enough. If you have any interest in woodworking whatsoever, you need to watch this clip! Why do we keep painting over this natural beauty anyway?

Make Hollywood grade costumes for cheap

Do you think foam sheets can’t be used for Hollywood grade suits? Then check out the video below! Foam materials are vastly underrated and have enormous potential, especially when it comes to props, costumes and movie-making! In this video, we hope you will be convinced that foam materials doesn’t only look great, it is also a very cheap and easy way of making beautiful costumes! Many thanks to Indy Mogul, not only for making this technique accessible for everyone, but also for their astonishing work on making a Hollywood grade 12 minute Sci-Fi short film on a backyard budget! Indy Mogul rocks!