How to make a two-part silicone mould

Whenever you have made a really great thing, the idea of duplicating it comes automatically to mind. But the first one of anything takes a lot of time to make and you probably don’t want to make that effort for every following copy. So it makes sense to make a mould of it to make the copying easier. But if the shape of the object doesn’t allow for a one part mould, you need to make the mould in different parts. In this video from Tested, Frank Ippolito shows us just how easy it is to make a two-part silicone mould when you know how to do it. Do you want to know how to do it? Then just watch this brilliant video!



The new era of soft robots

From the very beginning of robotics, mankind have tried to force rigid structures like steel and hard plastics to move. But if you view the natural world from an engineers perspective, you will see tons of robots, not being made up out of only rigid parts, but both rigid and flexible. Modern robotics tries to learn from natures success, and in this video from IEEE Spectrum you can see how effective soft robotics can be!

How to make a lifecast of someone

In this tutorial, special effects artist Frank Ippolito shows Will and Norm from how to make a lifecast out of someone. Whenever a special effects artist needs to change the face of someone, and don’t want to use computer graphics, rubber masks are usually the only alternative left. If the change is small, you might be able to build up directly on the skin, but for more elaborate projects, a casting mould of the actor or person is essential. From this mould you can then a lot of cool masks, perfectly fit for the persons facial shapes. This video shows us how to make just such a mould.

Making a realistic wound

Will and Norm from visits the artist Frank Ippolito, a contestant on the show Face Off, to get a lesson in how to make a realistic wound makeup. This tutorial also specifies the exact products he is using, where to get them, and roughly what they cost. The wound is an easy way to try your hand at special effects, but don’t try to do it on yourself in the mirror, or you’ll go crazy!