Making pop-up “3D” paper ornaments

Whenever you want to ornament anything, you have a choice. Either make the ornament flat as a pancake, which could look very good in an ordinary way, or you could make it lift of the surface and created a 3D effect. This video from simplekidscrafts show an extremely easy way of making ordinary flat paper patterns turn into 3D objects that lifts out of the surface. This while using nothing else then transparent tape and a pair of scissors! It can even fold down inside a greeting card, a lid or even be gift-rapped, and still pop up when it is exposed. If you are at all interested in ornaments and design, you need to watch this video!

Our very own cool banner!

We’ve just created our very own banner for all of you! You can use this as a link to us from another webpage, or why not print it out on stickers and put it up in your workshop? How about a nice shirt with this image on the back? You are free to do what every you want with this, as long as it is legal. That means that you can’t use this to slander Crafters University or any of our members. But why would you, we are great! And now you can show that fact by using the Crafters University banner!

Crafters University Banner

In order to download this banner to your computer, all you have to do is right-click it at then click “Save image as”. We hope that you will find many new creative ways of using our banner, and if you do, we would love to see pictures!


(The Crafters University Logo has been designed from the 3D model “Ball in vine” designed by Steve Medwin.)