Beautiful cotton candy flowers

Who among us doesn’t like to eat cotton candy now and then? But why do they all have to be round and boring? With different colored sugars and very simple tools and techniques, they can be beautiful works of art as shown in this video from┬ápetrentz. If you ever get to use a cotton candy machine, why not try to make this simple flower? It will be a definite crowd pleaser, and the appreciation will definitely taste extra sweet ­čśë

Casting metal objects…on the beach?

Casting metal parts is difficult, needs special sand, crucible, furnace and tools right? Wrong! Unless you absolutely positively need your object to be of professional quality, you may be able to go to your nearest sand beach and make it there! With the simplest tools and resources,┬áCha├«ne de coursdedesign┬ámade this amazing clip of how to make a simple metal stool. But this solution doesn’t end with stools, most object that doesn’t need a two part mould can be done in this way. The metal in this video is pewter, but we see no reason why metals with higher melting points, like aluminium, couldn’t be used. And best of all, if you use old worn out tools and pots, the only cost is fuel and metal! So gather your friends and have yourself a beach/casting party!