Recycle your styrofoam!

It is a shame that styrofoam chips, cups and other products are considered to be trash. There are so many recyclable uses for them! This was demonstrated in an earlier post “Cheap and useful styrofoam” where objects were made from styrofoam, but since this material is also sensitive to other chemicals, there are even more potential uses! In this video from GREENPOWERSCIENCE you can learn how to make thin spider webs and even wood sealant by dissolving styrofoam in natural chemicals such as citrus peel juice. Yes, the styrofoam still goes out into nature, but since it’s in a so much smaller size, the ultraviolet rays from our sun will be able to break it down much more quickly than any styrofoam cup or chip!

Also, if you want to see the video where GREENPOWERSCIENCE makes the liquid sprayer, you can find it here: How to turn pressure into vacuum!

Cheap and useful styrofoam

We all know styrofoam. It’s that white light-weight material that protects your goods while it is shipped. It may come as chips, molded pieces or even raw blocks and sheets. It’s used as insulation, shock absorber, modelling material and much more. But most of all, it is cheap! You can buy big blocks of it for a few dollars or find big pieces in your nearest dumpster for free! This is probably why most people see it as trash and not a building material. Well Make: magazine is here to show you how useful it can be! In this particular tutorial they make Halloween tombstone props but if you watch the video, you should easily see how these techniques can be used to make almost any form out of cheap and feather light styrofoam! And by the way, you don’t need special tools like soldering iron or a hot wire foam cutter. Tools like scissors, files, knifes and sandpaper can just as easily be used, although the surface might become a bit rougher. But since acetone (nail polish remover) can melt styrofoam, perhaps you can use a acetone damp paper towel to polish those surfaces? Now that would be a neat experiment!

The incredible science of acoustic levitation

This is truly an revolutionary video! Did you know that objects can be levitated and moved around in mid air, using only sound? In this incredible video from Yoichi Ochiai (YouTube Channel 落合陽一) we see the first successful attempts to acoustically levitate small objects like styrofoam balls, water droplets, matches and even metallic nuts! Perhaps one day we can even levitate big objects like skateboards or cars? What would you like to levitate with this technology?

Mistakes are valuable!

We really like this video, because it is so inspirational. In this lecture from Maker Faire 2014, Emiko Soroka walk us through her experience from knowing basically nothing about crafting, to making her own Portal turret robot and learning a lot from her mistakes. And no words we say can ever top her own youthful wisdom:

Emiko Soroka – “What i´m really trying to say is that everyone can be a maker. It´s ok if you don´t know what you are doing, because you can get help. It´s OK if you don´t have a proper workshop or fancy equipment, or a hackerspace down the street. It´s OK if you don´t have a college degree. You have the internet and somewhere out there is an expert, happy to share knowledge with you. So don´t say “I can´t”, say “I’ll try!” because chances are you´ll succeed!”