What does your Arduino say?

Out of the many microcontrollers on the market, Arduino is the most popular and cherished one. It makes the task of controlling and programming your projects much easier than back in the day. But did you know that the Arduino is useful for much more than simple motor, light and sound control? In this video, RimstarOrg demonstrates how you can make your Arduino talk with speech synthesizer algorithms! Now your robots wont just look cool, they will sound cool as well. Perhaps you could even make it sing? Now that’s a challenge!

Making a photoresistor play music!

Photoresistors are very common electronic components that works like a normal resistor in total darkness, but as soon as light is hitting it, it changes. Increase the amount of light and the change will increase as well. This phenomenon is commonly used to detect when a light beam is broken, turning them into a light controlled switch. But did you know that they can also be used to make music? In this video Make: magazine walks us through a simple build that results in an electronic slide-whistle! Basically you transform light into music, and if you don’t think that is a cool idea, then what is?!

How to read electronic schematics 101

Electronic schematics can be a bit intimidating for a beginner, but it is not that hard. It´s like learning a new language, as long as you know the terms and symbols used, it will not seem as weird anymore. So, where do you start? Well why not start by watching this basic tutorial from RimstarOrg about the symbols associated with common electronic parts in a schematic? We promise that electronic schematics will not seems quite as intimidating afterwards.