How to stamp and decorate your leather

Have you ever seen beautifully ornamented leather objects such as saddles, high-end purses or belts and thought “I wish I could do that…”. Well thanx to Bruce Cheaney here is a simple beginners tutorial on how a pattern can be cutted and stamped into leather. In this video, a tool called a “Swivel knife” is also used, and if you don’t know what that is, we have collected the demonstration for you here: What is a swivel knife?

What is a swivel knife?

A swivel knife looks basically as a miniature crutch with a sharp edge at the end. It is an old leathercraft tool that many still use today. While using your index finger to apply pressure, your thumb and middle finger can swivel the knife edge smoothly in order to cut beautiful swirly patterns into leather and other soft materials. Bruce Cheaney is one of the many leatherworkers that cherish this old tool, and in this video he gives us a brief demonstration on how it can be used. Just watch and enjoy!