Using a table saw as a….lathe?

What if you want to make a cylinder shaped wood piece like a dowel, but all you have is square wood? You could put some serious elbow grease into it, using knifes, planes or sanding paper and get a pretty decent result. Of course, it would be a simple task if you have a lathe, but what if the only machines you have is a table saw and a drill? John Heisz knows how to make this happen! Just watch this video and marvel about what can be accomplished if you think “out of the box”. However, remember that table saws are extremely dangerous machines, so be extremely careful when trying out this trick!

Joining pieces without glue or screws!

It’s only natural. Whenever we want to put two things together, we reach for the glue. And there’s nothing wrong about that! But wouldn’t it feel much sweeter and special if you could assemble an object, simply by pressing it into each other like Lego? Most material can do this, if they are shaped properly, and wood is exceptionally good at doing this. ThisWoodwork made this mirror by fitting pieces of wood together. Sure, he used glue for the ornament, but the main construct doesn’t need it. It just fit into each other like they were ment to be together! If the tolerances are good, you don’t need any glue. And if the tolerances are bad, chances are you can fix it with a file or a piece of masking tape!

How to prevent wood from warping

Wood is a really versatile and useful material, but unfortunately it isn’t particularly water-resistant. When moisture penetrates naked wood, i swells and can warp out of shape. But there are tricks that you can use to reduce this effect and Matthias Wandel shows us how in this video. He also points out in more detail how wood expands when exposed to moisture, it’s not the same amount in all direction.

The versatility of a table saw

If you own a table saw and just use it for straight cutting, you are missing out. A table saw can be a very versatile tool if you know how to use it right. While making a gorgeus frame for a picture, Matthias Wandel beautifully demonstrates several tricks and techniques that you need to know about. So watch this video and lock up the true potential of your table saw!

How to make a 3D pattern with rhombuses

In this tutorial, Thomas Anton Geurts walks us through the process of making a beautiful 3D pattern from small rhombus shaped pieces. It´s amazing how the simplest of shapes, arranged i certain ways, can create the most beautiful and stunning patterns. In this tutorial Thomas Anton Geurts gives us a step-by-step instruction on how to make a cutting board with this pattern. The cutting board is made of wood, but it’s easy to see that this technique could be used with almost any material. It may take a while to make it, but the result is gorgeous!

We thank Annika for sending in this tip, we really appreciate it!