How to sew many layers of leather together

Leather is a great crafting material. It is so tough, it can withstand years of wear and tear without looking bad or failing. But this toughness can become a problem when many layers of leather needs to be sewn together. If you want all edges to be folded in for a neat look, and connected to other pieces of leather, you can find your self trying to push a needle through 8 layers of leather at once, or even more! This is very hard to do, unless you already have a hole through them all. This is what you can do with a awl haft, and Bruce Cheaney has made this tutorial video on how this is done. In this particular video he is making a saddle, but this technique can be used for any thick leather parts. Even if you only want to make a purse, this will be an extremely handy technique to know and use!